What is Vector Format?

Vektörel Format Nedir?
Vector drawings are a type of graphic that does not depend on resolution, where every point of the design consists of numerical data, and no detail is lost despite changing the size. What is the difference between a vector format and an image file (bitmap)? Bitmap-based images (jpg, bmp, png, gif etc.) are created with pixel-based programs, while vector graphics (ai, cdr, pdf, eps, svg etc.) are created with vector-based programs. Vector graphics are widely used in areas such as company logos, images with text, drawings that require technical and precision, etc. They are widely used in areas. The only weakness of the vector format is that you can never bring your design to photo quality. Bitmap graphics is a form of graphics that can consist of millions of colors and can present a perfect image at specified sizes. Unlike the vector format, the bitmap graphic has a resolution problem and can only be used in the size produced. vector bitmap As you can see below, although both images look the same, bitmap files will be distorted when you increase the size, while vector artwork can be used at any size, so there will be no distortion. Which programs are used? The most widely used programs for vector work are Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Corel Draw (.cdr), although Freehand and Inkscape are also used to a lesser extent. Where can I find the vector file? You can already request the vector format of your logo from your design agency or graphic designer. You must have one of the above programs installed on your computer to view the contents of vector files. If you wish, you can have a new vector logo or graphic file for a fee by contacting us. If you want to have a new logo design made on different platforms other than ours, the links below can also help you. https://bionluk.com/freelancer-bul/grafik-tasarim (paid) https://www.freelogoservices.com (free)

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