1. Parties to the Convention and Adoption

1.1. Parties to the Agreement

1.1.1. Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone Saraçlar Sitesi 13.Blok No:59 Basaksehir Istanbul Turkiye, with tax number 3331567727 and trade registry number 155286-5, Kuvarz Gastronomi Ekipmanları Tarım ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi, hereinafter referred to as “Camporselenlogo”.

1.1.1. Individuals or legal entities placing orders to Camporselenlogo and hereinafter referred to as “Customer”.

1.2. Acceptance of the Contract

1.2.1. Individual or legal entity Customers who place orders to Camporselenlogo via websites, e-mail, telephone or other electronic or traditional communication channels have fully accepted this agreement.

2. Payment, Operation and Working Conditions

2.1. A price offer is prepared, and after the offer is accepted, a sales contract is sent to you for approval.

2.2. If requested, sample printing is made for a fee and sent to the customer.

2.3. Upon receipt of the order, 60% of the total amount including VAT is collected and the production process starts.

2.4. The products are prepared within the period specified in the contract and, upon request, single or collective photographs of the order are sent to the Customer.

2.5. The remaining 40% of the total order amount is collected.

2.6. Orders are delivered to the cargo / logistics company to be notified or contracted by the Customer or can be picked up from Camporselenlogo’s headquarters address.

2.7. Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card in one shot. Payment by check, promissory note or similar term systems are not accepted.

2.8. Orders are not delivered until the total amount is collected.

3. Technical Details

3.1. Technical Details for Glass and Porcelain Products

3.1.1. The colors of the visual material (logo, pattern, graphic, photograph, etc.) sent by the customer for printing appearing on the screen and/or on paper and/or the original colors in Pantone, Ral, etc. codes and the printing colors applied on glass or porcelain can never be produced in the same tone. codes and the printing colors applied on glass or porcelain can never be produced in the same tone. There may be differences in color tones. This difference is especially evident in the intermediate colors.

3.1.2. If the Customer is concerned that the original colors and the post-production print colors of the colors are close to each other If they are sensitive or have concerns about this issue, they should request Camporselenlogo to make and send samples. The customer must give approval after seeing the sample.

3.1.3. If the visual material transmitted by the customer is applied to both glass and porcelain products, there is a tonal difference in the printing colors between the two. This is because the paints produced for glass and porcelain are made from different raw materials and glass is transparent while porcelain has a white background.

3.1.4. Problems arising from the raw material of the product may occur when printing is made on products that are not supplied by Camporselenlogo and transmitted to Camporselenlogo for printing by the Customer. In this case it is recommended to request a sample. In some products, even 20-30 days after printing, there may be problems such as spillage and spillage in printing due to the raw material of the product or unknown product-related reasons.

3.1.5. All printed porcelain products produced by Camporselenlogo can be washed in the dishwasher and the prints do not come off. In use for more than 1 year, prints may lose their brightness, scratches and fading may occur. This period can be further reduced depending on the frequency of use of the products. Hand washing is recommended for longer use and print brightness.

3.1.6. When the printed glass products produced by Camporselenlogo are washed in the dishwasher, fading, scratching and peeling of the prints may occur, so glass products should definitely be hand washed.

3.1.7. All glass and porcelain products with gold and platinum gilding must be hand washed. Because gold and platinum gilding has a much thinner layer and is more delicate than other paints. Care should be taken to ensure that the products do not come into contact with each other during washing, as this may cause scratches on the print. Since some dishwashing detergents contain chemicals that damage prints, check the instructions for use of the dishwashing detergent before washing to see if it will damage painted porcelain or glass products. You can easily wash printed products with all hand wash dishwashing detergents.

3.1.8. Dishwasher detergents recommended by Camporselenlogo for porcelain products Finish and Pril brand tablet dishwasher detergents can be used, but since the content of these detergents may change in the future, all products should be tested with a few products before washing and the effect should be tested and then continued to use.

3.1.9. Camporselenlogo does not recommend the use of dishwasher detergent for porcelain products. All Fairy brand powder and gel dishwasher detergents cause great damage to the prints on the product, and when used, damage to the prints may occur.

3.2. Technical Details Applicable to All Products and Services

3.3.1. If requested by the Customer or if it can be done by Camporselenlogo; In order to give the Customer an idea, order confirmation is obtained from the Customer electronically in writing with digital visuals prepared in computer environment showing the draft work of the finished product. These digital images may not clearly show the details, surface and texture of the product from all angles. There may be differences between the approved digital image and the actual product produced. Orders for which a digital image is sent to the customer and approval is received are accepted as approved.

3.3.2. The colors of the visual material sent by the customer for printing appearing on the screen or on paper or the original colors in Pantone, Ral, etc. codes and the printing colors applied on any printed product can never be made in the same tone. codes of the visual material sent by the customer for printing and the printing colors applied on any printed product can never be made in the same tone.

3.3.3. Since all products printed or manufactured by Camporselenlogo are usually handmade or semi-automatic semi-handmade products, there may be slight differences in the position of the print or the size of the products.

3.3.4. If the customer is sensitive to all technical issues mentioned in article 3. If the Customer is sensitive to all technical issues mentioned in Article 3 and its sub-articles in this contract, it should definitely request a sample product. For products and services for which samples are not requested, disputes and objections that may arise after the order will not be accepted. Please contact Camporselenlogo for sample fee and production time.

3.4. By placing an order, the Customer accepts all the technical detail conditions and recommendations contained in Article 3 and sub-articles of this contract. The Customer placing an order is deemed to have accepted all the technical detail conditions and recommendations contained in Article 3 and sub-articles of this contract, Camporselenlogo accepts no liability in case of dispute.

4. Validity of Orders

4.1. Orders are valid as soon as the payment reaches our bank account and are fulfilled based on the stocks at that moment and the production process starts. The cost of unfulfilled orders is refunded to the Customer.

4.2. Camporselenlogo has the right to change the price of any product and service price or cancel the product and service when it deems necessary.

4.3. From the moment the customer places an order, he/she agrees in advance that he/she assumes all legal responsibilities that may arise from the use of intellectual property and copyrights of the brand/company logo, text, drawing, pattern or all visual materials sent to Camporselenlogo and that he/she will not demand any compensation or provision from Camporselenlogo due to these legal obligations.

4.4. Camporselenlogo undertakes that it will not share any written and visual materials that the Customer owns the intellectual property and copyrights with different companies or individuals other than mandatory production activities.

5. Delivery

5.1. The Customer may pick up his/her orders from Camporselenlogo’s headquarters address specified in the contract.

5.2. Camporselenlogo may deliver the orders to the cargo / logistics company to be notified by the Customer.

5.3. Camporselenlogo’s delivery of the order to the cargo / logistics company or making it available at the Camporselenlogo headquarters address within the period notified in writing at the time of the order is considered to fulfill the delivery obligation. If the products are lost during transportation or do not reach the Customer for any reason, the cargo / logistics company is responsible. In the event of a dispute in this regard, the Customer must contact the shipping/logistics company. Camporselenlogo is only obliged to submit the document or delivery number showing that it has delivered the products to the cargo/logistics company.

5.4. Teslimatlar, iş yoğunluğuna ve sipariş miktarı göre değişmekle beraber, genellikle ödemeyi takip eden en fazla 15 iş günü içinde yapılır. Sipariş miktarına göre bu süre daha fazla olabilmektedir. Net üretim süresi sipariş esnasında Müşteri’ ye bildirilecektir. Unless otherwise stated in the contract, shipping, handling, logistics, transportation, etc. shipping, handling, logistics, transportation, etc. are always borne by the Customer.

5.5. Cargo/logistics companies offer special or sensitive transportation services against damage, breakage, etc. that may occur during transportation. Cargo/logistics companies offer special or sensitive transportation services. Camporselenlogo bu hizmetlerin kullanmasını tavsiye eder.

5.6. Sipariş miktarı en az 1 paleti (120x80x100cm) karşılamayan ürünler koli ile gönderilir. Kargo/lojistik firmaları cam ve porselen ürünlere sigorta yapmamaktadır bu yüzden sipariş miktarı 1 paleti karşılamayan ürünlerde taşıma sırasında oluşabilecek hasarlar için Camporselenlogo sorumluluk kabul etmemektedir.

5.7. Palet ile taşınan cam ve porselen ürünlerde hasar oluşması durumunda, Müşteri’ nin hasar alan ürün görsellerini iletmesi şartıyla Camporselenlogo sipariş tutarının en fazla %5’ i kadar ürünün yenisini üreterek müşteriye ücretsiz olarak gönderir.

5.8. Müşteri’ ye ulaşan paketlerde hasarlı veya eksik ürün çıkması durumunda paketlerin detaylı video ve fotoğrafları çekilerek Camporselenlogo’ ya bildirilmelidir. Bu durum kargo/lojistik şirketinin taşıması sırasında meydana gelmiş olabileceğinden Camporselenlogo bu durumu araştıracaktır. Bu araştırma sonucunda Camporselenlogo hasarlı veya eksik ürün olduğuna kanaat getirirse kargo/lojistik ücreti Camporselenlogo tarafından karşılanarak Müşteri’ ye bu ürünler gönderilecektir. Bu konuda anlaşmazlık durumunda Camporselenlogo’ nun kayıtları veya beyanı esas alınacaktır.

6. Force Majeure (Compelling) Reasons

6.1. Siparişin kabul edildiği tarihte var olmayan ve ön görülemeyen, tarafların kontrolleri dışında gelişen, ortaya çıkmasıyla taraflardan birinin veya her ikisinin de sözleşme ile yüklendikleri borç ve sorumluluklarını kısmen ya da tamamen yerine getirmelerini veya bunları zamanında yerine getirmelerini imkansız kılan haller mücbir sebep (tabii afet, savaş, terör, ayaklanma, mevzuat hükümleri, el koyma veya grev, lokavt, üretim ve iletişim tesislerinde önemli mahiyette arıza vb.) olarak kabul edilecektir. Mücbir sebep şahsında gerçekleşen taraf, diğer tarafa durumu derhal ve yazılı olarak bildirecektir. Mücbir sebebin devamı esnasında tarafların edimlerini yerine getirememelerinden dolayı herhangi bir sorumlulukları doğmayacaktır. Mücbir sebep hali 10 (on) gün süreyle devam ederse, taraflardan her birinin, tek taraflı olarak siparişi fesih hakkı doğacaktır.

7. Right of Return / Right of Withdrawal

7.1. Ön ödemesi tahsil edilen siparişlerde Müşteri’ nin siparişi iptal etmek istemesi veya sözleşmeden vazgeçmek istemesi durumunda Camporselenlogo siparişi iptal etme veya sözleşmeden vazgeçme hakkını gizli tutar. Bu sipariş için harcanan giderler olması durumunda Camporselenlogo yapılan ödeme tutarının bir kısmını iade etmeyi de teklif edebilir.

7.2. Camporselenlogo tarafından satışı yapılan tüm ürünler Müşteri’ ye özel üretilen veya talep üzerine tedarik edilen ürünler olduğu için iade talepleri kabul edilmeyecektir. Ürünleri herhangi bir nedenle kabul etmeyen veya kasıtlı olarak teslim almayan Müşteri içinde ürün iade talebi ve ödemenin iade istenmesi kabul edilmeyecektir.

8. Default Provisions

8.1. Tarafların bu sözleşmeden kaynaklanan edimlerini yerine getirmemesi durumunda Borçlar Kanunu’nun 106-108.maddesinde yer alan Borçlunun Temerrüdü hükümleri uygulanacaktır. Temerrüt durumlarında, herhangi bir tarafın edimlerini süresi içinde haklı bir sebebi olmaksızın yerine getirmemesi durumunda diğer taraf söz konusu edimin yerine getirilmesi için edimini yerine getiremeyen tarafa 7 günlük süre verecektir. Bu süre zarfında da yerine getirilmemesi durumunda, alacaklı edimini yerine getirmeyen tarafın ifasını talep etmek suretiyle malın teslimini, ve/veya sözleşmenin feshini ve bedelin iadesini talep etme hakkına sahiptir.

8.2. Camporselenlogo, sipariş konusu mal veya hizmetin yerine getirilmesinin imkansız olduğunu belirterek, (tedarikçi veya üretici firmadan ürünün hiçbir şekilde tedarik edilememesi durumu) sözleşme konusu yükümlülüklerini yerine getiremiyorsa, bu durumu sözleşmeden doğan ifa yükümlülüğünün süresi dolmadan Müşteri’ ye bildirmeyi taahhüt eder. Bu durumda, Camporselenlogo sözleşmeyi derhal fesih etme hakkına haiz olup, Müşteri’ nin sipariş verdiği ürünün bedelini iade edeceğini taahhüt eder.

8.3. Camporselenlogo’ nun yükümlülüğünü yerine getirmesini engelleyebilecek mücbir sebepler veya nakliyeyi engelleyen hava muhalefetleri, ulaşımın kesilmesi, yangın, deprem, sel baskını gibi olağanüstü olaylar ve/veya afetler nedeni ile sözleşme konusu ürünü süresi içerisinde teslim edemez ise Müşteri, Camporselenlogo’ nun hiçbir sorumluluğu olmadığını, teslimat süresinin engelleyici durumunun ortadan kalkana kadar ertelenmesi kabul eder.

9. Competent Court

9.1. Bu sözleşmenin uygulanmasında İstanbul Avrupa Yakası Mahkemeleri yetkilidir. In the event that the order is realized, Camporselenlogo and the Customer are deemed to have accepted all the terms of this agreement.