Are prints on porcelain and glass permanent?

cam ve porselen baskilar
Prints on porcelain and ceramic products are baked at 800°C, and prints on glass are baked at 600°C to ensure that the print is permanent. After printing on all products, porcelain and ceramic products are fired at 800°C and glass products are fired at 600°C. At this temperature, the glaze and glass in the porcelain do not melt, so the applied print remains on the surface of the product. The detergents and salts used in dishwashers abrade the surface of the products and the print and cause deterioration of the product surface and the print over time (gold and platinum gilding, fading of colors, etc.). Glass products without gold and platinum on them can withstand up to 50-100 washes in the dishwasher against pattern abrasion; however, the strong water rotation in the dishwasher, steam and some chemicals in some detergents can cause the patterns on the products to wear and scratch. To prevent this abrasion, gel detergents should be used and washing should be done at 40°C and short program if possible. But to avoid any problems, glass products should definitely be hand washed. It is also recommended to hand wash products with gold and platinum gilding. Make sure that the products are not in contact with each other during washing. Some dishwashing detergents contain chemicals that can damage prints, so check before washing to see if they will damage painted porcelain or glassware.
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