Which glass products can be laser printed on?

Permanent logo application is made by laser engraving method on almost every glass object such as glasses, wine glasses, raki glasses, bottles, jugs, flat window glasses, mirror glasses, borosilicate glasses .

How to laser mark on glass?

In our company, state-of-the-art laser machines produced only for glass are used. The process abrades the glass surface by breaking off pieces at the micro level and precisely thus creating a frosted appearance in the treated area.

Will the laser print come off on glass?

Since the laser marking application we apply on glass surfaces is engraved, it will never come off the surface.


What does laser marking look like?

The system we apply has much better resolution compared to the application made with other laser machines, since the latest technology laser machines produced only for glass are used.

Do you sandblast print on glass?

The laser engraving system we apply on glass has the same appearance and durability as the sandblasting technique.

Do you send sample products with laser printing?

Yes, we can prepare and send sample products with the text or logo you request on the product you want.