All usage recommendations and conditions below are valid for products printed by Camporselenlogo – Kuvarz LTD. Terms of use for products purchased from other manufacturers and companies may differ.

Prints on printed glass and porcelain products will not come off when etched with any metal or hard object, when exposed to sunlight, moisture and humidity, or when high heat is applied. Glass products are resistant up to 600°C and porcelain products up to 800°C.

Prints made with the printing technique called sublimation, using compact digital printers in the world, come out when scraped with a hard object, washed in the dishwasher a few times or at high temperatures. Camporselenlogo – Kuvarz LTD does not use this printing method in any of its products.

Since all printed porcelain products are heat treated at 800°C, they can be washed in the dishwasher and the prints do not come off. Printed porcelain products can be used for up to 1500 washings in the dishwasher (2 years – 2 times a day), but hand washing is recommended for longer use and printing brightness. Loss of brightness, scratching and fading can be seen in prints in use for more than 1 year. This period can be further reduced depending on the frequency of use of the products.

Printed glass products are heat treated at 600°C. However, printed glass products are not as durable as printed porcelain, fading, scratching and peeling of the prints can occur when washed in the dishwasher, so glass products should definitely be hand washed.

To explain in detail why printed glass and porcelain should be hand washed; after the printing application, porcelain products are fired at 800°C and glass products are fired at 600°C. This ensures that the paints adhere firmly to the surface. The salt and detergents used in dishwashers dull not only the non-printed part of the products but also the surface of the print. Over time, it causes deterioration of the surface of the product and the print (prints, fading of colors, scratches, etc.). The strong spray of water in the dishwasher, steam, salt and chemicals in the formula of some detergents can cause the prints on the products to wear and scratch. To prevent this abrasion, gel or liquid detergents should be used and washing should be done at 40°C and on a short cycle if possible.

All glass and porcelain products with real gold and platinum gilding must be hand washed. Because real gold and platinum gilding has a much thinner layer and is more delicate than other paints. Care should be taken to ensure that the products do not come into contact with each other during washing, as this may cause scratches on the print. Since some dishwashing detergents contain chemicals that damage prints, check the instructions for use of the dishwashing detergent before washing to see if it will damage painted porcelain or glass products. You can easily wash printed products with all hand wash dishwashing detergents.

The dishwasher detergents recommended by Camporselenlogo – Kuvarz LTD for porcelain products are Finish and Pril brand tablet dishwasher detergents, but since the content of these detergents may change in the future, all products should be tested with a few products before washing and continue to use after testing the effect.

The dishwasher detergent that Camporselenlogo – Kuvarz LTD does not recommend to be used for porcelain products is Fairy brand all powder and gel dishwasher detergents, these detergents greatly damage the prints on the product, we declare that we will not accept responsibility for any damage to the prints when used.

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