Thermos Mug - 450 ml



Minimum Order Quantity: 150

Large cup with a handle that keeps the cold or hot drink inside at the same level for up to 4 hours.

Thermos cups or thermos cups with different designs, patterns, colors and qualities are extremely healthy.

You can use it comfortably in public, mountain, holiday, office, car, many places.

When you roll your cup, it has a cover that prevents you from pouring it completely.

You have to go out early in the morning when you have your meadow, your cup of cabbage, and put it on the road.

If you have not forgotten your kids, it can be a handy alternative to transporting your favorite drinks.

Always put hot water for 2 hours before first use.

It does not smell.

Product capacity 450 ml.

Outside stainless steel, plastic inside.

When the cup is rolled, the liquid does not completely leak, but it can leak.

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