Printed Products Usage Instructions and Suggestion

All products with printed logo and pattern can be washed in the dishwasher, but it is recommended to hand wash especially glass products for longer usage and print brightness. The prints on glass and porcelain do not come out when picked up with a metal or hard object.

Compact digital printers are widely used everywhere. The prints made with the sublimation printing technique come out when digged with a hard object or washed once in the dishwasher. Our company does not use this printing method in any product.

Porcelain products are fired at 800 ° C, glass products are fired at 600 ° C, so porcelain prints have much higher resistance than glass products. Printed porcelain products (3 years) can be used up to 1100-1200 washings. However, glass printings are unfortunately not so durable, after 100-150 washings, fading, scratching and peeling can be seen on the prints; therefore, it is advisable to generally hand wash glassware.

If we need to explain in detail why hand washing is necessary;

Once all products have been applied, porcelain and ceramic products are heat treated at 800 ° C and glass products at 600 ° C. Thus, it is ensured that the dyes are firmly attached to the surface. At this temperature, the print applied remains only on the surface because the porcelain glaze (transparent surface) and glass does not melt. Salt and detergents used in dishwashers not only dampen the non-printing part of the products but also the surface of the printing. Over time, it causes the surface of the product and the print to deteriorate (appearing in gold and platinum gilding, fading in colors, scratches, etc.). Strong water spraying in the dishwasher, salt, and chemicals in the formulae of some detergents can cause wear and tear on the prints on the products. To avoid this erosion, gel-based liquid detergents should be used and, if possible, wash at 40 ° C and a short program.

Especially gold and platinum gilded products are recommended to be hand washed. Because gold and platinum gilt have a thinner plate than other dyes and are sensitive. Make sure that the products are not in contact with each other during washing. Since some dishwashing detergents contain chemicals that damage the prints, check beforehand dishwashing detergents for damage to painted porcelain or glassware in the instructions for use. You can easily wash our printed products with all hand washing dishwashing detergents.

Dishwashing Detergents We Recommend;
-Finish All-in-One Tablet Dishwasher Detergent
-Pril Tablet Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwashing Detergents That Must Never Be Used;
All Fairy branded powder and gel dishwashing detergents will cause damage to the product on a large scale and we will not accept liability for the presses when used.

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