Minimum order quantity for each item is 48 pieces, and a total order quantity should be at least 144 pieces of all glass or porcelain products. If an order to be issued consisting of glass and porcelain products, total amount will be 288 pieces.

For price offer, please send an e-mail including *reference code*quantity and *logo if requested to Price offer is not stated on phone.

Paşabahçe Profesyonel KatalogPaşabahçe Home Ev KatalogPaşabahçe Coffee Kahve KatalogPaşabahçe Temperli Ürünler Katalog
2019 Paşabahçe Hospitality2019 Paşabahçe Home2019 Paşabahçe Coffee2019 Paşabahçe Tempered
Paşabahçe Beer Bira KatalogPaşabahçe Decoware Dekorlu KatalogPaşabahçe Borcam Isıya Dayanıklı KatalogPaşabahçe Borcam Granit Katalog
2019 Paşabahçe Beer2019 Paşabahçe Decoware2019 Paşabahçe Borcam (Heat Resistant)2019 Paşabahçe Borcam Granit
Paşabahçe Highlights KatalogPaşabahçe Guzzini KatalogPaşabahçe Zestglass KatalogPaşabahçe Decoware Borcam Grill Katalog
2019 Paşabahçe Highlights2019 Paşabahçe Guzzini2019 Paşabahçe Zestglass2019 Paşabahçe Borcam Grill
Paşabahçe Designed Handcrafted KatalogPaşabahçe Nudeglass Horeca KatalogPaşabahçe Porselen KatalogLav Katalog
2019 Paşabahçe Designed2019 Paşabahçe Nudeglass Horeca2019 Paşabahçe Porcelain2019 Lav Glass
Kütahya Porselen Horeca Gastronomi KatalogKütahya Porselen Tavola Cafe Bistro KatalogKütahya Porselen Coffee KatalogKütahya Porselen Mitterteich Katalog
2019 Kütahya Porcelain Horeca Gastronomy2019 Kütahya Porcelain Tavola Cafe Bistro2019 Kütahya Porcelain Coffee2019 Kütahya Porcelain Mitterteich
Kütahya Porselen CorendonKütahya Porselen Ahşap KatalogKütahya Porselen Porflame KatalogKütahya Porselen Corendon Nano Krem Katalog
2019 Kütahya Porcelain Corendon2019 Kütahya Porcelain Wood2019 Kütahya Porcelain Porflame (Heat Resistant)2019 Kütahya Porcelain Corendon Nano Krem
Güral Porselen Horeca KatalogGüral Porselen Horeca Bon Appetit KatalogBonna Porselen KatalogJumbo Porselen Horeca
2019 Güral Porcelain Horeca2019 Güral Porcelain Horeca Bon Appetit2019 Bonna Porcelain2019 Jumbo Porcelain Horeca
Porland Gastronomi KatalogPorland Allumilite KatalogPorland Açık Büfe KatalogPorland Ethos Katalog
2019 Porland Porcelain Gastronomy2019 Porland Porcelain Allumilite2019 Porland Porcelain Open Buffet2019 Porland Porcelain Ethos
Porland Reaktif Sırlı KatalogAlkan Züccaciye KatalogBiradlı Bar Otel Cafe Malzemeleri KatalogNarin Metal Katalog
2019 Porland Porcelain Reactive Glazed2019 Alkan Bar Hotel Cafe Supplies2019 Biradlı Bar Hotel Cafe Supplies2019 Narin Stainless Steel
Kılıçlar Çatal Kaşık Bıçak KatalogHisar Katalog
2019 Kılıçlar Stainless Steel2019 Hisar Stainless Steel