Minimum order quantity for each item is 48 pieces, and a total order quantity should be at least 144 pieces of all glass or porcelain products. If an order to be issued consisting of glass and porcelain products, total amount will be 288 pieces.

For price offer, please send an e-mail including *reference code*quantity and *logo if requested to Price offer is not stated on phone.

Paşabahçe Profesyonel 2021 KatalogPaşabahçe Home 2021 Ev KatalogNude Glass Horeca 2021 KatalogNude Glass Retail 2021 Katalog
Paşabahçe Hospitality (İkram)Paşabahçe RetailNude Glass HorecaNude Glass Retail
LAV Cam 2021 KatalogRenga Cam 2021 KatalogMarmara Cam 2021 KatalogPaşabahçe Porselen 2021 Katalog
LAVRengaMarmara CamPaşabahçe Porselen
Güral Horeca Mag Beyaz Otel Serisi 2021 KatalogGüral Horeca Mag Bone 2021 KatalogGüral Horeca Mag Digibone 2021 KatalogBonna Porselen 2021 Katalog
Güral Porselen Horeca WhiteGüral Porselen Horeca BoneGüral Porselen Horeca DigiboneBonna Porselen
Kütahya Porselen Otel Serisi 2021 KatalogKütahya Porselen Otel Renkli Ürün Kataloğu 2021Kütahya Porselen Aura Katalog 2021Paşabahçe Borcam Granit Katalog
Kütahya Porselen GastronomyKütahya Porselen Corendon (Renkli)Kütahya Porselen AuraKütahya Porselen 1400 Mitterteich
Kütahya Ahşap KatalogKütahya Porselen Pearl Katalog 2021Kütahya Porselen Skallop Katalog 2021Porland Gastronomi Horeca Katalog
Kütahya Porselen AhşapKütahya Porselen PearlKütahya Porselen SkallopPorland Gastronomy
Porland Porselen KatalogPorland KatalogAlkan Horeca Gastronomi KatalogBiradlı Katalog
Porland Açık BüfePorland AlumiliteAlkanBiradlı
Narin Çelik KatalogKılıçlar Çelik KatalogKülsan Melamin Thermoset KatalogKülsan Melamin Katalog
Külsan ThermosetKılıçlarKülsan ThermosetKülsan Hapy Chef